Even More Help

Classroom Visits

Idaho Law Foundation staff can help find an attorney in your area to visit your class, make a presentation about 18 in Idaho and answer questions from students. When you fill out the Online Order Form, you can indicate you are interested in a classroom visit. Or you can contact Carey Shoufler and she will help you make arrangements.

Tell Us What You Think

The Idaho Law Foundation’s Law Related Education Program values your feedback for 18 in Idaho. Whether you are using the website or the magazine; whether you have participated in a classroom visit or are using the resource on your own, please take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback by filling out this brief online survey [link to survey monkey survey].

Lesson Plans

The Law Related Education program has developed an Introductory Lesson Plan to be used when teaching high school students about the information in 18 in Idaho. This lesson can be used by attorneys making classroom visits or teachers.

For other lesson plans, visit the Law Related Education searchable lesson plan library.

If you create a different lesson plan to be used with these materials, we would love to see it. You can e-mail your lesson plan to Carey Shoufler.