Girls Just Want to Have Fun

As a young adult, you will have many new opportunities for recreational activities. Keep in mind, however, that there are legal limits, some of them depending on your age. Information about topics like the drinking age can be found in other parts of this website.

Having a Party

If you have a party that becomes disruptive, you can be charged with Disturbing the Peace, which can include rowdiness, loud music, or fighting. If your party is too disruptive, police officers can break up the party and, depending on the circumstances, make arrests.

If someone comes to your party that you don’t want to be there, you can ask them to leave. If they refuse to leave it’s called trespassing and you can call the police to have them removed from your house.

Pledging a Fraternity or Sorority

It is against the law for any initiation into a student organization to involve hazing. Hazing is something that causes or could cause bodily danger or physical harm, or that involves:

  • Nudity
  • Making a person to eat or drink anything
  • Wearing or carrying any obscene or heavy object
  • Physical assaults or offensive physical contact
  • Boxing matches, excessive calisthenics, or other physical contests
  • Transportation and abandonment
  • Confinement to unreasonably small, unventilated, unsanitary, or unlighted areas
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Assignment of pranks

Anyone who participates in hazing could be jailed and fined up to $1,000.


Spray painting, drawing, writing, or otherwise inscribing on someone else’s property is a misdemeanor, for which you can be jailed and/or fined up to $1,000.


Depending on the type of boat, you may need to register your boat with the state to operate it legally. While there is no state law requiring a minimum age, proficiency exam, or special licensing to operate a motorboat or personal watercraft, counties have the authority to enact restrictions. So, make sure you know the county regulations before you operate a boat.

As a boat operator, you are responsible for complying with all speed limits and right-of-way rules. You can be held responsible for any accidents. It is important to remember that, just like a car, it is illegal to operate a boat under the influence of alcohol. If a boat operator is intoxicated at the time of a fatal accident, he or she could be charged with manslaughter.

Fishing or Hunting

In Idaho, everyone must have a license to hunt and anyone over 14 must have a license to fish. In addition, you need a Certificate of Competence from a hunter safety training course to hunt.

You must also have a tag, which is a special permit that can be purchased or granted through a lottery, to hunt any big game species, like deer or elk. It is illegal to use someone else’s hunting or fishing license, hunt or fish endangered species, or trespass on private property to hunt or fish. Failure to obey hunting and fishing laws could lead to fines, jail time, and revocation of your hunting or fishing privileges.

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